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Operation Strategy Analyst (Chatsworth, CA)

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Job Description

BigBattery, Inc. is seeking an Operation Strategy Analyst for its Chatsworth, California office.

Job Duties: Analyze data pertaining to sourcing, inventory levels, and product performance to facilitate informed decision-making and identify areas for improvement. Provide valuable insights and recommendations to enhance operational efficiency and optimize business outcomes. Develop methods to help team optimize and implement comprehensive sourcing strategies. Evaluate existing processes and systems in place for managing inventory levels and procurement process. Identify areas to reduce lead times, improve forecasting accuracy, and refine existing inventory systems. Utilize relevant tools and generate reports to communicate insights and recommendations. Collaborate with internal teams to align sourcing and inventory strategies with overall business objectives. Stay informed about trends, activities, and industry developments that may impact sourcing decisions and inventory management. Research and analyze new sourcing opportunities to optimize costs and enhance product offerings.

Education Requirement: Bachelor's degree, or foreign equivalent, in Business Administration, Operations Research, or a related field

Experience Requirements: One (1) year of experience in each of the following:

" Identifying issues and challenges related to optimization, logistics, and pricing

" Developing questionnaires to collect and organize customer feedback effectively

" Assisting management on effectively allocating resources in sales and operations

" Analyzing data related to sourcing, inventory levels, and product performance to make informed decisions and identify areas for improvement

" Utilizing historical data to identify patterns, forecasting accurate projections, and facilitating inventory allocation decisions

$70,000 - $92,000

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Please send résumé to:

Job # 19021314

BigBattery, Inc.

Attn: Anna O'Ryan

21314 Lassen St.

Chatsworth, CA 91311