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Job Description

Financial Quantitative Analyst in Energy sector

Salary:  $69,992/Year

 Permanent and full-time position - Mon – Fri, 40 hours per week.

Job description:     

1. Evaluating New Water and Energy Infrastructure Projects:

o Utilize quantitative methods to assess the financial and operational feasibility of water and energy projects.

o Apply advanced analytics to forecast long-term profitability and risk associated with infrastructure investments.

2. Analyzing Oil and Gas Investment Projects:

o Perform statistical analysis and build econometric models to understand investment dynamics in the North American oil and gas sector.

o Quantitatively assess the performance of existing investments and predict future trends using data-driven insights.

3. Providing Support with Oil Operations:

o Develop quantitative models to optimize oil production and distribution operations.

o Use simulation techniques to forecast production outcomes and manage operational risks.

4. Maintaining Oil and Gas Hedging Portfolios:

o Create and implement quantitative trading strategies to manage price risk within oil and gas portfolios.

o Analyze historical price data and apply quantitative methods to develop effective hedging strategies.

5. Reviewing New Renewable Energy Projects:

o Apply financial quantitative analysis to model the viability of renewable energy projects, including wind, solar, and biofuels.

o Use risk assessment tools to understand the variability and predictability of renewable energy outputs.

6. Evaluating Solar and Battery Systems:

o Develop quantitative models that simulate the performance and cost-benefit analysis of solar and battery systems.

o Analyze data to determine the scalability and integration potential of these systems into existing energy infrastructure.

7. Evaluating New Water Infrastructure Investment Proposals:

o Employ quantitative techniques to project the financial sustainability and environmental impact of proposed water infrastructure projects.

o Use predictive analytics to assess the return on investment and risk profiles for these proposals.

8. Building and Reviewing Financial Models:

o Construct comprehensive financial models using quantitative methods to predict the financial performance of various energy sector investments.

o Continuously enhance model accuracy by incorporating real-time data and advanced forecasting techniques.

9. Generating Investment Ideas:

o Analyze large datasets to identify patterns and generate quantitative-based investment ideas within the oil and gas industry.

o Utilize machine learning algorithms to uncover new investment opportunities and inform strategic decision-making.

Education and Experience Required:

  • Master of Science in Energy or Global Affairs specializing In Energy Policy or related
  • 18 months of experience in the job offered or as Oil & Gas Analyst

Mail resume to:  Grade 6 Oil, LLC 1223 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1050, Santa Monica, CA 90403